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At Heat Treatments we are a third generation owned family company, specializing in Heat Treatment of steels and alloys for New Zealand and the world, we pride ourselves on having a one stop shop operation with our large production and manufacturing machine shop all under one roof.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and getting results, we design and fabricate most of the parts on our cars, custom one off items as these can't be found on a shelf. Running these cars keeps our team very busy, its a constant learning curve and adrenalin rush when everything comes together in those seven second passes, which is what you aim for, to run in the sevens takes a lot of work, R & D and team effort.   

There has been plenty of action for our team with our tube chassis Pontiac GTO, Skyline GTR, the GTR has been based in Australia now with the aim to regain the world record...    

With the support from our major sponsors, Heat Treatments, Terry's Chassis Shoppe, Herb Morgan Tyres and Wheels, HPC, C & M Performance, RJ Construction, Redline Signage and with help from other New Zealand automotive suppliers we will keep chasing the lower ETs and pushing the limits...  The Nissan 350Z will be out this 2016-2017 season racing in NZ.

Thanks you for stopping by our website, see you at the track...  

Regards Heat Treatments Drag Racing Team

Auckland - New Zealand

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