We ran the GTO at our NZ Nationals, it was a good effort as we had not run the car for two seasons, first run was 178 mph, 7.9 et, the next run it got out of shape so we lost time on that pass, third run we broke the bolt on the wheelie bars and we couldn't run, so we finished 4th, we could of had a shot at the final if things had gone our way. The car is ready for next season.

The GTR has been banging out the string on 7.4 ets with some big Mph so we are close to cracking it and getting our GTR world record back, we will keep you posted.

Thanks for the extra help, Rod, Terry, Ben, Shane and the others.

Regards HTL Racing



Hi there guys, well we tested in Australia last week with the GTR and ran 4 back to back 7.6-7.7 passes at 179-182mph, all at low boost, then on the Friday night we flew into Auckland at 11pm, got up early, loaded up the car and headed to mere mere for the NZ Nationals which were held over the weekend.

We ran a bunch of 7.3's at 182-187mph over the day which in we finished 2nd in the final for the Door slammer bracket, so it was a good outcome.

Today we are taking the 350z new to the dyno to a fitted up, then we will go about tunning the engine ready for the NZ season to start again.

We will be heading back to Australia in a month or so, we have a new GTR engine to fit for the jambo, this engine will take 50psi of boost!

Check in on our workshop page or our new "Lastest News" page for the lastest. Thanks for all the great photos sent into us...