Hi guys, the GTR is back on NZ soil, we are waiting for the call to collect it from the wharf.

Will keep you posted.


Hi guys, the GTR is heading to New Zealand for a freshen up, the wiring needs changing as its been in the car now for 10 years+ and is getting brittle which will start to cause problems, so new wiring and a few minor tweaks before it heads back to Australia.

The GTO is sitting waiting for the start of our 2015-2016 season, there is not much work to be done to have is ready for the test and tune.

We have sold our large race trailer and will be looking for  a smaller twin axle style trailer to move the GTO around.

I don't think you will see the GTR racing here on NZ soil, we will do the new wiring and it will go back to OZ.

The 350Z has been on the back burner for sometime, we are still working on the engine program for that car and we are getting closer to having this car out on the track, you should see it racing in NZ in the New Year before it heads to Australia to live.

Check back soon.




World Record time slip!

The last run of the night was very cold, the GTR ran fast and straight, it was a well overdue outcome for a team that had put in a lot of effort over the 2 years it took to get this result. The team has learnt so much in this time... Well done guys.

Many thanks go to Rod Harvey and Terry Bowen for all there help.

Our next target will be the WinterNats!

Keep you posted!