Hi there, this is our team page, our team is made up of our family and friends, Keith builds the engines, gearboxes and fabicates parts as well as being the Crew Chief, Carole keeps the team on the straight and narrow and well fed, Kevin and Reece the sons drive, maintain and fabricate parts for the cars too, Jess and Gazala help out and there are even the children in there lending a hand... Scott looks after the cars with wiring, fabrication, general race car and on track duties. The team is now racing is

Australia and now have a warehouse based not far from the willowbank drag strip.


Crew Chief & Father. Keith McGregor has been around racing most of this life with racing boats here in New Zealand and Australia and still holding a few records, the fastest being 157.14 mph in 1972. Father of Kevin & Reece, Keith is the teams main engine/drive train builder and handles most of the research and development within the team and company of Heat Treatments Ltd.

Keith machines and designs many parts on both of our new tube chassis cars, many of the parts are custom-one off pieces that need to be milled or turned from 4140 or alloy billet.

With two new cars on the way it's looking like a busy season. Keith is the Managing Director of Heat Treatments Ltd in New Zealand. Plus Grandpa to Samuel and Zayden...

Driver & Crew. Kevin McGregor has also grown up around racing and it is his number one sport. Kevin is an engineering supervisor in the family company, Kevin's role off the strip is race car assembly, and transportation to the strip and home - whether it be here in New Zealand or overseas, and drives the teams new Pontiac GTO tube chassis car.

Kevin has taken up the role again of fabricating-milling-turning many of the custom parts for the Nissan 350 and Pontiac GTO cars... Kevin is married to Jessica and they have a son Samuel, Samo is 8 years old now and has a 4 year old sister Ella.

Driver & Crew. Reece McGregor has always been fast paced in car modification. Reece is the Heat Treating shop supervisor, and being a fan of Japanese car builders he has had a few hot rides in his time. After piloting the HTL Skyline to a new world Record in 2006 the team will now up the pace with a new Nissan 350Z tube chassis car... Reece is married to Gazala and they have a son called Zayden who is 7 year old and a son Xavier who is 3, plus a new baby daugther...

Scott Anderson is our part time dyno tuner and crew member, Scott is the man to see over wiring...

Todd Dawson is our go to guy, Todd is the race car groomer and handles the packing and unpacking when we head to the drag strip both here in NZ and in Australia. Todd helps Keith with putting the cars together and getting them ready to race.

Crew Support. Carole McGregor is a key crew member, in charge of our trailer setup and handles the catering side for our team. Carole is Keith's wife, Kevin and Reece's Mother and Grandmother to Samuel & Ella McGregor and Zayden & Xavier McGregor and Reece's new baby girl.

Crew Support. Jessica McGregor is Kevin's pit and staging lane support, helping with the harness at race time and air bottles that control the cars' shocks and gear shifting. Jessica is Kevin's wife and Samuel's & Ella's Mother.

Crew Support. Gazala McGregor is Reece's pit support, helping with set up of our support trailer and catering. Gazala is Reece's wife. Gazala is Zaydens & Xavier mother.

V8 Engine tuner. Samuel is a huge car fan at only 8 years old. Sam loves the movie 9 and watching NHRA with his dad on tv. Sam visits the workshop everytime he gets a chance with his mum Jess and his sister Ella who is 4.

Import Engine Tuner. Zayden is growing fast and is into everything, Zayden is 7 and has his own car bed to help him on this way...

Junior Race Car Cleaner. Ella is 4 years old.

Xavier is 3 years olds and is into everything he can get this hands, he loves guns!
Reece's daugther Zara. Zara will take Reece's spot when he is too old...